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Global internal engagement collaboration


Internal engagement campaign

Damilola got together with UBS to work on a company internal engagement campaign across their offices in London, Zurich, Hong Kong and New York. To get an insight into UBS’ working culture Damilola spoke to a number of employees asking them a simple question;


If UBS were a city, how would you design it?


In each location he gave a demonstration of his artistic style and summarized the ideas and thoughts of everyone he spoke to by collating a unique artwork. After creating 4 large performance artworks as part of his world tour he returned back to London to construct the final piece; 4 large abstract representations of UBS’ fictional cities! A unique result, that shows the diverse working cultures within UBS and gives an insight into what it’s like to work, live and socialize in each region.  

Zurich UBS Logo Artwork

London UBS Logo Artwork

New York  UBS Logo Artwork

Hong Kong UBS Logo Artwork

Hong Kong Map

Approx 3m x 1.8m


New York Map

Approx 1.7m x 2.9m

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