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Damilola Odusote is known for his eclectic, prolific, intricate works. His artworks are a running narrative of his conscious and subconscious mind which challenge one’s perception of everyday life, with that added hit of humour. Damilola works predominantly in graphic ink but can incorporate, many different processes which give his work hidden visual depth.

Damilola draws from numerous forms of expression, to expand his creative repertoire. In particular, he found that dance choreography mirrored his illustrations, both requiring the same degree of intricacy, logic and a flowing narrative. Damilola continually refines and contextualizing his style with every new skill set/material he adds.

Damilola’s illustrations are organic and grow on the surface as he creates them. He is influenced by the likes of MC Escher and David Shrigley for the detail and humour in their deep thought provoking drawings, however, if you ask him, he would say his greatest inspiration is the buzz of city life and culture. Damilola is inspired greatly by the aesthetics of geometry and texture and also contextualized issues rooted in politics, race, and indeed the London environment.

He graduated from Camberwell College of Arts with a BA Hons in Illustration.

His work has been exhibited extensively at art fairs in London, Singapore, New York, and all over Europe. His global appeal extends to China, US, UAE, Norway,.

'..Odusote’s intricate maps of imagery. Entwining symbols such as parking machines, toasters, zebra crossings and My Little Pony, they summon London’s idiosyncratic chaos...'- Finanical Times 

'.Overflowing with creative talent...'- Time Out

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